ECI Homespun

Early Childhood Intervention


What should a parent know about ECI? ECI provides services and support to Texas families and their children, birth to 36 months, with developmental delays or disabilities. ECI services are unique because:?

Parents and professionals work together as a team.

  • ECI acknowledges that families know their children best. The family is an important part of the ECI team and they work directly with the professionals. The team will evaluate the child, develop a plan for services and assess the child's progress.

Services are convenient for families.

  • Services are provided to children and families in familiar and comfortable surroundings where children live, learn and play. These may include the family's home, child care center, or other locations in the community.

Children learn new skills through everyday activities.

  • Team members, including the family, work together to find learning opportunities within the family's daily routines such as bath time, meal time, or play time.

Services are coordinated with others in the community.

  • ECI works with doctors, child care providers, WIC, social services and schools to help improve the lives of children and families by connecting them to the appropriate resources and information.

Families of all income levels receive ECI services

  • There is no income limit. No family is turned away because of an inability to pay.


Why are there ECI programs with different names?
DARS/ECI contracts with 51 different organizations to provide ECI services throughout Texas. Contractors include community centers, school districts, education service centers, and private non-profit organizations. Some urban areas with large populations have several ECI programs. Each ECI program provides services to families living in specific areas identified by zip code.
How does a parent find an ECI program?
To find the phone number of the ECI program in your area, call the DARS Inquiries Line at 1-800-628-5115. An individual with a hearing impairment can use a relay option of your choice. Visit the DARS/ECI website to search online.